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About Us

To teach and develop future project managers

Our Mission

Our motto is “Great oaks from little acorns grow”

The Wideman Education Foundation (WEF) is dedicated to attracting individuals into the project management profession and helping them develop the organizational and leadership skills they will need to succeed in today’s job market.

Team Talk

These essential, basic, practical skills include preparation, planning, teamwork, communication, and delivering presentations. We believe we can foster these skills and a better understanding of projects by working for mutual benefit with those involved in education, training or project management.

Launched in 2007, the Wideman Education Foundation (WEF) is an autonomous volunteer organization created to promote sound project management principles and skills, especially among young people.

Value Proposition

The WEF offers a win-win opportunity for donors and sponsors and the value proposition is simple:

WEF conducts project competitions that challenge students to apply project management skills to real-life scenarios.  Teams work together to complete and present their project to judges who are leaders in the field. Students learn teamwork, leadership and presentation skills developing projects that benefit both family and community.  And for companies, it means sowing the seeds of a future project-ready workforce.

Max Wideman and WEF


Max Wideman is one of the founding fathers of modern Project Management practice. In 1988, as part of a long and successful career in Engineering and Project Management, Mr. Wideman was appointed chairman of the prestigious Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI is one of the world’s preeminent associations for professional Project Managers and is one of the primary bodies for certifying professional Project Managers.

As part of his work with the institute, Mr. Wideman chaired a committee responsible for creating a document called “The Project Management Body of Knowledge”. This document provided the basis for the formalization of the Project Management profession. This initial document has subsequently been developed into “The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”(the PMBoK® Guide) which is now recognized worldwide.

Now retired, Mr. Wideman established the Wideman Education Foundation (WEF) in 2007.

Board of Directors

Michael Wortman


Kara Lisik

Director of Communications

Jack Goihman

Director of Development

Head shot Mohammad.jpg
Mohammad Vatanchirad

Director of Programs

Darci Smart

Director of Marketing

Shelley Parker

Director of Volunteers

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