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At WEF, we offer the opportunity for students to gain practical experience and connect with industry leaders in the field of Project Management. 

Donation Charity

The WEF welcomes your tax-deductible contributions towards furthering the Foundation’s purpose, and we have a number of contribution categories:​​​

  • Friend, those donating up to $25

  • Contributor, those donating from $26 to $100

  • Supporter, those donating from $101 to $500

  • Donor, those donating from $501 to $1000

  • Patron, those donating from $1001 to $2500

  • Sponsor, those donating more than $2500

Administration and Fundraising

It is intended that the WEF will be administered entirely by volunteer effort. Further, the WEF Directors have agreed that the Foundation’s present available funds should be actively maintained rather than run-down. Accordingly, WEF has applied for and received Federal tax-exempt status as a registered charity under the Income Tax Act. The WEF will issue income tax receipts with the Business Number is 82459 4121 RR0001.

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