Recap of the 2013 Wideman Prize Competition

Surrey, Saturday April 27, 2013 – Simon Fraser University

Annual Wideman Project Management Prize Competition

Mark as successful another Annual Wideman Project Management Prize Competition. What a day! High energy, high expectations and a lot of fun!

Students from SFU and UBC gathered to show their projects and demonstrate their skill.  Dressed for business – and meaning business – each team subjected themselves to two judged rounds of project delivery with 3 finalists chosen.  Those finalists presented to everyone present and the winner was chosen by the judges.  The moments were pretty tense while we waited for the final word – delivered by Max Wideman, WEF Founder.

Teams of 5 or 6 students engaged in a project of their own selection and design, and competed against other teams based on a carefully selected set of project management criteria.  The primary evaluation was on how well their project was managed. The winning team was from SFU entitled, “Gateway Innovations”. The two runners-up were also from SFU entitled, “Victorious Secrets” and “Team Foundation”

By introducing the element of competition to student’s educational environment, the Wideman Prize is designed to lift the bar on student’s achievement levels and to develop the leadership and organizational skills needed to succeed to today’s complex and fast paced world of work.

WEF provided a substantial cash prize to each member of the winning team and a WEF Certificate of Participation for all team members who presented their project’s Final Report at the Competition event.

Quotes: “I have learned more in a day than any other day throughout my university career.  The encouragement made me a stronger businesswoman.” Lindsay (SFU)

“…the Competition was great – loved the organization and the management”.  “I’d go to the Wideman Prize every weekend if possible!” Tim (UBC)

This event couldn’t have taken place without a dedicated and committed group of volunteers:

WEF Board, Board Sponsor, Project Manager, SFU and SFU Coordinator, Judges, Photographers and our Keynote Speaker Blake Hanna – keeping in mind the reason for WEF’s existence: the students!

We’re already planning for the 2014 Competition!