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The Wideman Prize is an annual competition designed to help young people develop the leadership and organizational skills needed to succeed in the modern work place. Using projects as a vehicle for learning, the competition requires teams of students to select, initiate, plan and then execute a real life project as part of their studies. Teams are judged based on their ability to work as a team, organize and plan resources, achieve results and show their ability to present a persuasive case for their projects to a panel of project management judges.

The competition is open to students who are enrolled in Wideman Education Foundation (WEF) approved training courses. By introducing the element of competition to students’ educational environment, the Prize is set to lift the bar on students’ achievement levels and to attract a broader cross section of students to learn-by-doing. As such, the Wideman Prize helps students experience projects in the real world and encourages them to develop the leadership and organizational skills needed to succeed in today’s complex and fast paced organizations.

To ensure that the projects that teams choose to undertake is of value to society as a whole, competing teams are encouraged to select a project that delivers value to their communities.

Teams who demonstrate their capabilities are selected as finalists in the competition. Finalists are selected based on their organizational skills, their leadership abilities and their ability to work together as an effective team. All finalists earn the right to describe themselves as “Wideman Prize Finalists” on their resumes. Finalists move forward to an elimination round in which teams present their projects, the outcomes their projects attained and the learning they gained through the competition. Using an elimination round and presentations to expert judges from the field of professional Project Management the winner of the Wideman Prize is selected. The winning team is awarded a cash prize and the right to represent themselves as “Wideman Prize Winner” on their resumes.

Schools who are interested in participating in the Wideman Prize should contact the Wideman Educational Foundation via our Contact page. Please indicate that your enquiry is about participating in the Wideman Prize Competition.

2010 – 2011 Competition Press Release

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