Wideman Prize documentation 2011

The following are links to the documentation created in support of the Wideman Prize for Project Management Excellence.  All updates to this page and associated documentation should be requested via the Director of Project Competitions.

General materials

School qualifying criteria (outlines the minimum curriculum content a school must cover in order to qualify to participate in the competition)

Competition outline diagram V1.0 – 9 Jan 2011 (diagram showing the overall flow of the competition for the 2010-2011 year – may need minor edits for future years)

For Instructors

Instructor introductory letter V1.0 – 23 Jan 2011 (Outline of the competition used to brief new instructors on how the competition fits into the course they are teaching and their role)

For students

Student introductory letter V1.0 – 9 Jan 2011 (Letter that can be provided to students when they enter the competition.  Provides students with the overall context of the competition)

Letter used to notify finalists V1.0 – 3 Jan 2011 (Letter sent congratulating students who make it through to the finals)

For judges

Letter soliciting interest in becoming a judges – V1.0 – 31 Jan 2011

Instructions for judges V1.0 – 1 Feb 2011 (Provides the overall outline of the competition for the judges and provides them with instructions about their role)

Evaluation form used for judging – V1.1 – 1 May 2011 (Form used by judges to record their marks for each team during judging)

Event day materials

Program (schedule of events)

Winners certificate (Heidi to provide)

Participants certificate (Heidi to provide)

Judges thank you letter

Lessons Learned

  1. May 2011 finals event Closing Report

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