WEF attends the Project Management Institute (PMI) Canadian West Coast Chapter (CCWC) Annual Career Fair

What a great day! On June 3 WEF attended the Project management Institute (PMI) Canadian West Coast Chapter (CCWC) annual Career Fair. Many thanks to the generous support of PMI local chapter! Board members reconnected with some of our strong supporters and introduced WEF’s mandate and projects to the Career Fair attendees. Most excitingly we met one of the past WEF Competition competitors: Gordon Swenson, who took part of the Wideman Prize Competition in 2011 and told us about how the competition has affected him.

“It galvanized our entire class, and sparked healthy competition and motivation for the entire semester. Every group wanted to win the Competition instead of just competing for a leg-up on the Bell curvewhich lead to tightening up PM practices, immersing ourselves in the PMBOK and providing greater value for the beneficiary organizations to whom we dedicated our PM work.

The Competition Requirements also helped us to work on some surprisingly valuable skills and tools that are widely in use. School is often abstract and conceptual in nature. Competitions like this for real results helps catalyze the development of real world skills.”

We are delighted that WEF has been making a difference in young people’s life in such a positive way. If you want support WEF financially or want to get involved personally, please let us know.