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2018 Ontario Wideman Prize Competition Winners

Congratulations to all of the teams who took part in the Wideman Education Foundation (WEF) Ontario Competition (WOC) 2018! This year’s theme was Giving Back to the Community” brought inspiring projects that are contributing and touching lives around the Globe.  

The WEF and PMI Toronto were honoured to host the students at Ryerson University, a valued partner in the competition, and the support of ProjectWorld*BusinessAnalystWorld, an organization experienced in providing tangible education and opportunities to learn from professional project managers and business analysts in North America.


The students had the opportunity to present in front of judges with vast experience across multiple industries as well as Max Wideman himself. The feedback provided to the groups will be invaluable to their continued successes, and the presentations themselves have motivated those who had the fortune to see them. The Top 3 collected a cash prize with the winners received passes to the upcoming ProjectWorld*BusinessAnalystWorld conference in Toronto! The Grand prize will complement their achievement and provide the opportunity to learn from professionals in the industry and grow to their network. 

The Results: 

First Place Alizeh, Diana, Jithin, Rafat & Taru 

Teachers Without Frontiers  

Teachers Without Frontiers (TWF) is a continuous professional development program to empower teachers, particularly women in rural areas of Pakistan. TWF has a network of fellows that connect with over 10,000 teachers. This initiative is envisioned as a movement for teachers to augment their knowledge, skills and approaches through a wide range of innovative learning opportunities. Since the teaching and learning strategies in these areas lack high-quality technology resources are used to inculcate 21st century necessary technical and educational skills.  

As a response to this initiative, this project provides technology-based teaching materials to teachers and students in Pakistan, aiming that with improved accessibility to online teaching materials, educational expansion at lower cost will be possible, allowing existing educational resources to benefit more children and educational provision to be available to more people, at higher quality and for a longer period of time (TWF, 2018).  

Second Place Iftikhar, Ronit, & Saljoq

ITMSA – Gantt Masters  

The true value of leadership is conceptually your ability to positively impact and improve the lives of the people around you; to ensure that every human interaction effectively leaves the people around you a better version of themselves compared to when they started.  

Incorporating project management to giving back to the community enables us to assist in managing the creation of value to deliver exceptional experiences, products, services and results to facilitate the development and improvement of the individuals and communities around us. This was done through the first ever CIO Event through which students were equipped with knowledge on various emerging technology trends and how they’re being leveraged to improve operational efficiencies within a variety of businesses and making the world a better place. 

Third Place Amir, Anastasia, Brooke, Emily & Vanessa

RGMG – The Water Project  

The Water Project is a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and Sierra Leone. In doing so, the Water Project works with local NGOs with an established in-country presence that can help provide reliable access to water and ensure its maintenance over time. Not only is it crucial for people to have clean drinking water in their communities, but it also improves education, health, hunger, and poverty. 

This project consists of a one-week fundraising initiative during March 19th to the 23rd in support of World Water Day on March 22nd, 2018. The fundraiser will consist of kiosk marketing events, in-class information sessions and the set-up of an online campaign page to raise donations and achieve a campaign goal of $3000. At the kiosks, there will also be a set of virtual reality headsets. The video playing in these headsets will broadcast the lack of clean water worldwide, therefore letting students become more educated on this global issue.   

Finalist: Brandon, Ejaz & Tiffany 

AskMe Mental Health 

With the growing increase in technology and social media people are afraid to show who they really are. Society as a whole is scared to show how they feel. Technology such as the internet is leveraged to connect individuals and equip them with the necessary tools to combat their struggles.   

AskMe is a non-profit organization that strives to target mental illness from the source; by supporting youth. Through leveraging donations, pledges, sponsorship, volunteerism and sales of merchandise toward mental health initiatives, live chat services through the website, in person peer to peer support, and interactive post-secondary clubs can be provided. 

The Wideman Ontario Competition 2018 Organizing Committee (Natalie Borg, Latif Hassanzay, Avis Petersen and Osmary Torres), would like to congratulate all the participants in their achievements and give their sincerest thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who made this year’s competition possible. Thank you all! 

Soraya Savji Keynote Speaker at WEF’s 2014 Wideman Prize Competition

The Wideman Education Foundation is pleased to announce that Soraya Savji will be the keynote speaker for the 2014 Wideman Prize Competition event!

Students competing in this year’s Wideman Prize Competition will hear Soraya deliver a lunchtime keynote presentation on the demand for project managers, how project management is relevant, and how to enter the field as a project management professional.

Soraya is a Recruitment Consultant with the Annex Consulting Group. Annex currently hires the largest number of project managers within the province. Continue reading Soraya Savji Keynote Speaker at WEF’s 2014 Wideman Prize Competition

2014 Wideman Prize Competition in Project Management Scheduled for April 26th

2013 Wideman Prize Competition participants

For the fourth year, WEF will be hosting its annual Wideman Prize Competition in Project Management at SFU’s Surrey Campus on April 26, 2014.

Open to students enrolled in approved undergraduate project management courses, the competition requires participants to work in teams of 4-5 to select, initiate, plan and execute a real project. Continue reading 2014 Wideman Prize Competition in Project Management Scheduled for April 26th

WEF Project Management Career Speaker Event

On December 7, 2010 WEF, partnering with the Faculty of Business Administration and the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University, held their second successful Project Management Career Speaker Event. Keeping in mind the importance of being on the cutting edge of technology and awareness of global workworld changes, WEF continues to fulfill its Mandate to teach and develop tomorrow’s Project Managers. Continue reading WEF Project Management Career Speaker Event