About the Wideman Education Foundation

The WEF is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to advancing project management skills.


In 1991 Max Wideman wrote a book, published by PMI®, and very kindly donated the net proceeds to the West Coast Chapter. In 2004, PMI HQ ceased selling the book, and the Chapter received further royalties from PMI in the amount of CAD $51,226.33.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the chapter’s members held on November 23, 2004, the following motion was proposed and passed:

  • Be it resolved that the Chapter establish a small steering committee of not more than four potential Education Foundation directors to initiate and establish the objectives and operating criteria of an independent non-profit Project Management Educational Foundation in this region of operation.

The committee meets every month and has established incorporated status with the BC provincial government in the name of “Wideman Education Foundation” (WEF) and has obtained Federal government charitable status. This is an exciting time in the development of WEF activities.

We strongly encourage any local PMI members who are interested in furthering the education of potential project managers, especially from the high school level on upwards, to contact the WEF with a view to participating and contributing ideas.

Contact Emails:

•    President Joan Vincent:


•    Secretary Max Wideman: wefsecretary@maxwideman.com

•    Treasurer Jamal  Moustafaev:     weftreasurer@maxwideman.com

•        Director SFU liaison Kamal Masri: wefdirector.sfuliaison@maxwideman.com

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