Soraya Savji

Soraya Savji Keynote Speaker at WEF’s 2014 Wideman Prize Competition

The Wideman Education Foundation is pleased to announce that Soraya Savji will be the keynote speaker for the 2014 Wideman Prize Competition event!

Students competing in this year’s Wideman Prize Competition will hear Soraya deliver a lunchtime keynote presentation on the demand for project managers, how project management is relevant, and how to enter the field as a project management professional.

Soraya is a Recruitment Consultant with the Annex Consulting Group. Annex currently hires the largest number of project managers within the province.

More about Soraya Savji

Soraya joined Annex in September 2011 as a Recruitment Consultant. She moved to Vancouver from Nairobi, Kenya to attend UBC and she immediately fell in love with the city. Through her time at university, she participated in a wide range of clubs and programs, one of which was the Arts Co-op Program.

During her final work term as a Research Assistant with the Arts Co-op Program, she participated in intake interviews, co-facilitated pre-employment training workshops and information sessions, advised students on applications, conducted mock interviews and worked on larger projects including a social media strategy and online student guide. This sparked her interest in the recruitment field. All of her co-op work experience complemented the skills and knowledge she gained as a Speech Science Major, and she graduated with a wide range of transferrable skills.

Soraya works closely with the Client Managers to ensure Annex clients are presented with the highest calibre candidates best suited to the client’s specific requirements. She enjoys working in a dynamic environment and looks forward to working with the team and members of the Annex Alliance to help clients and consultants achieve their goals.

We are excited to have Soraya join us on the 2014 Wideman Prize Competition day and thank her for her support.