WEF Project Management Career Speaker Event

On December 7, 2010 WEF, partnering with the Faculty of Business Administration and the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University, held their second successful Project Management Career Speaker Event. Keeping in mind the importance of being on the cutting edge of technology and awareness of global workworld changes, WEF continues to fulfill its Mandate to teach and develop tomorrow’s Project Managers.

Jan Kietzmann welcomed everyone to SFU and presented a thumbnail sketch of the work and plans of SFU. We then proceeded with the event program.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN PROJECT: (Max Wideman and Jan Kietzmann))

Incorporating fun, teamwork, risk management, problem solving and communication, high school and SFU students enthusiastically applied their skills to determine the safety and well being of an at-risk project team – Code name: Pooh

Requirements were:

  1. Describe the situation
  2. Determine objectives or limitations
  3. Generate multiple solutions
  4. Select best alternatives
  5. Explain rationale
  6. Present findings

Assessment and interpretation of the requirements by the student teams resulted in innovative, creative and entertaining presentations. The students grasped the concepts quickly and enjoyed the process. Winning teams received a small prize.


SFU Business, SIAT and SIFE students spoke about their projects and lessons learned – so far. The depth, scope and implementation of the project work were impressive.


An overview was given focusing on Project Management as a Career– tips, trends, best case/worst case scenarios, skills required, personality types and the diverse industries that hire Project Managers.


Our Keynote Speaker, Rich Brodowski, Director, Olympic Program Management Office, Bell Canada, gave an insightful and enthusiastic presentation on behalf of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Rich was tasked with providing governance to Bell Canada’s Olympic Program that provided ALL the telecommunication needs for the Olympics. This included all voice and data services, systems cabling, logistics, business office functions and support to staff. The expectation was to ensure flawless delivery – an expectation that was met. Rich gave the students some appreciation for how that was achieved – risk, time, communications, personalities, multi-level skill sets required – and more. Some comments from the students were, “That was great! I learned a lot”, “Thanks, I’m glad I came today”, “I’m in the middle of studying for exams and almost didn’t come over here today, wow, I’m glad I did”.


Joan Vincent, Project Manager (President WEF)

Max Wideman, author Christopher Robin Project (Founder, Secretary WEF)

Schona Rae, Photographer (WEF)

Rob Goatham (WEF)

Jan Kietzmann (SFU)

Jennifer Beale (SFU)

Andrew Drinkwater (SFU)

Andrew Gemino (SFU)

Prizes and Refreshments generously provided by SFU